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JSSC PT Exam Answer Key 2013:-

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) is going to be conduct the examination for Combined Secretariat Services Competitive Examination-2013 (PT) on  September 2013.  The candidates who are appearing in JSSC PT examination can be calculate their cut off marks with the help of JSSC PT answer key 2013 just after the examination.

JSSC Answer Key 2012-

The answer key is now available.

ANSWER KEY By prideambition.blogspot.in

Q. no. (1) c in front of the house
Q. no. (2) b calcium sulphate
Q. no. (3) d Dadra and Nagar haveli
Q. no. (4) d cache memory
Q. no. (5) d
Q. no. (6) b 6*10 power 14
Q. no. (7) b 1935
Q. no. (8) a spelling check
Q.no. (9) b kvkvkvkvvvvk
Q. no.(10)d gravitation at equator is lesser
Q. no.(11)b 1928
Q. no.(12)a automatically……….
Q. no.(13)a N
Q. no.(14)b pulmonary vein
Q. no.(15)c 29.61%
Q. no.(16)d real time e-learning
Q. no.(17)b 15 days
Q. no.(18)b plasmodium vivox
Q. no.(19)c 12%
Q. no.(20)b sort command from tools menu
Q. no.(21)
Q. no.(22)a intranet
Q. no.(23)c sculptor : clay
Q. no.(24)a electromagnetic induction.
Q. no.(25)c bhogla soren
Q. no.(26)b com
Q. no.(27)c 1,3,6:2,5,7:4,8,9
Q. no.(28)b fission of heavy nuclei (doubt: fusion of heavy nuclei
Q. no(29)a santhal
Q. no.(30)b telephone line, scanner, computer, modem
Q. no.(31)a sodhu murmur and kanhu murmur
Q. no.(32)a F 5
Q. no.(33)b interviewed by the human resource
Q. no.(34)Q. no.(35)b deool and byari
Q. no.(36)a interception
Q. no.(37)d frame: picture
Q. no.(38)b 500 j/sec
Q.no.(39)a shooting
Q.no.(40)d IP address
Q.no.(43)c Oraon and pharia
Q.no.(44)a Hyperlink
Q.no.(45)b 13
Q.no.(46)a Protons
Q.no.(47)b dumka
Q.no.(48)a opera
Q.no.(50)b fungi
Q.no.(51)b 65
Q.no.(52)d a(3+ 4b)
Q.no.(53)a tilka manjhi
Q.no.(54)b 20
Q.no.(55)c LWPV
Q.no.(56)a 3 power3 power2
Q.no.(57)b 2007
Q.no.(58)c access control
Q.no.(59)a 215m
Q.no.(60)c 60
Q.no.(61)d plotter
Q.no.(62)a santhal
Q.no.(63)c 360
Q.no.(64)d number of rows and coulmns should be same
Q.no.(65)c blue ray
Q.no.(66)a odisha
Q.no.(67)c ETONKOOB
Q.no.(68)d X/2
Q.no.(70)b Chatra
Q.no.(71)a Unemployment : job
Q.no.(72)a 145/28
Q.no.(73)c both 1 and 2
Q.no.(74)c 15 november 2003
Q.no.(75)c grand-mother
Q.no.(76)a 98928
Q.no.(77)b temporary internet files
Q.no.(78)c 20
Q.no.(79)a 25
Q.no.(80)b acceleration
Q.no.(81)a 1,2,3,; 4,5,6,;7;8;9
Q.no.(82)a 110
Q.no.(83)b Client, because it requests data from the server
Q.no.(84)c 1957
Q.no.(85)a nephew
Q.no.(86)a (3,4,6,9)
Q.no.(87)b select the effects tab of the display properties and……
Q.no.(88)b Ansuta lakra
Q.no.(89)a 84
Q.no.(90)c associative law
Q.no.(91)b deced
Q.no.(93)c insert menu>> charts
Q.no.(94)b birsa munda
Q.no.(95)a 85
Q.no.(96)a heart
Q.no.(97)d security through password
Q.no.(98)a Saurabh Tiwari
Q.no.(99)b EKDVD
Q.no.(101)a commercial
Q.no.(102)b Palamu
Q.no.(103)b 14 km in south west direction
Q.no.(104)c a=0,b=0,c=5
Q.no.(105)a refresh the screen
Q.no.(106)a koderma
Q.no.(107)b reject Reema
Q.no.(108)a ax= by
Q.no.(109)b secondary
Q.no.(110)c M.S.Dhoni
Q.no.(111)c Presper Eckert and john Mauchly
Q.no.(112)c Jila Parishad
Q.no.(113)b 5%
Q.no.(114)c copper
Q.no.(115)d static IP address is a permanent IP address assigned by the manufacturer
Q.no.(116)b 32620
Q.no.(118)b base
Q.no.(119)b 80
Q.no.(120)a Dhanbad

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JSSC PT Exam Schedule-10 Am to 01 PM.

JSSC PT Declaration of Results: Oct , 2013.

The JSSC PT exam was  held on September 2013on various centers.

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission’s official website- http://jssc.in


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